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Dynamite Shrimp
Crispy tempura battered shrimp, fried to perfection with spicy aioli sauce.
Beef Tacos
3 Crispy Taco Shells with succulent beef, topped with a spicy salsa,…
12 Peri Peri Wings
Flame-grilled, with crispy skin, infused with Peri-Peri and great for sharing!
Fried Platter
A portion of Jalapeño bites, chicken popcorn, mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders.
Engine Mini Burger Bites™
5 Engine Mini beef burgers with cheddar cheese and burger sauce.
Chilli Con Carne + Nachos
Red kidney beans and fresh beef mince are mixed, then perfectly cooked…
5 Lamb Chops
A serving of 6 tender lamb chops, either plain or spiced with…
Mixed Grill
4 juicy Lamb Chops, 5 Chicken Wings, 5 Chicken Strips, served with…

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