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T-Bone 400g
On the bone, mouth watering cut of prime beef with both sirloin…
Fillet Mignon 250g
Prime cut, the tenderest rich, buttery texture and flavour, enhanced by our…
Engine Special (Sirlion)
Juicy cut made from the loin's centre.
Lamb Gigot
Lamb gigot chops are center-cut chops taken from the lamb leg.
Chicken Butterfly
Flame-grilled with crispy skin served in your choice of sauce.
Ribeye 300g
From the rib, juicy and tender cut, marbled with extra fat. Perfect…
Tuna Steak
Juicy tuna steak cuts taken from the fish's loin.
Salmon Fillets
Salmon fillets are gutted and deboned to generate strips of flesh from…
Rump 300g
Cut from the back muscle, succulent and flavourful meat  - the chewier…

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